Hello patients!

You’re here because your doctor has recommended some important stretches to aid your recovery between visits. The code given by your chiropractor corresponds with a code for each stretch on the channel, click the link below, find your stretches and start practicing.

YouTube Link:

Regardless of age, flexibility, athletic skill, physical condition, everyone should practice stretching regularly. The only exception is physical problems, surgery, or if you were advised by your doctor. These stretches will be specially chosen for you based on your condition and will be safe for you to practice. As always, remember to focus on proper form and if you have any questions contact your chiropractor. Remember, don’t push your limits, always make sure you are never in pain when stretching. If you are, stop and talk to your doctor about the accommodations that can be made. Ensure you are form is accurate and you are correctly doing each stretch, these videos are designed to make sure it is done properly.